Burgundy True Duffel


We call this one the True Duffel as it’s made from the same duffel wool that gave this historical bag its name. Originating from Duffel, a small town in Flanders, Belgium, this wool was highly sought after due to its durability. Often used on ships, sailors would snag off cuts to fashion crude bags for their belongings. Born of necessity, the duffel bag’s simplistic grab and go design grew in popularity, landing it on the backs of soldiers, travelers and vagabonds alike. It became synonymous with hardship, with adventure, with setting out on an uncertain path carrying only what your duffel could hold. Our True Duffel is a well-tailored nod to the long history of a bag that has time and time again found its way into the hands of free spirits around the globe.

100% Wool + full grain leather handles

Made In Canada

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