Our Most Mythic Creation

In ancient legend, the greatest quest of all was the search for the Golden Fleece.

Sailing in an open boat, Jason and his crew of Argonauts faced deadly tempests, treacherous currents and dangerous creatures as they voyaged to the ends of the Earth to claim the storied fleece, woven from the wool of a golden ram, that would help him win back his father’s land.

ANIÁN’s quest—to make beautiful, long-lasting garments from recycled textiles—is simpler and less perilous. But every few years, we release a rare, limited-run edition of our Modern Melton in a gilded tone that reminds us of the importance of our work.

Made from warm, durable and naturally weather-resistant wool with no added dyes, the newest version of the meticulously constructed Golden Melton takes its unique patina from the source garments used in its creation. The result is an exclusive colourway that hasn’t existed in previous editions, and won’t be replicated again.

It’s available now in Men’s and Women’s styles—but as our most mythical creation, it won’t be around for long.

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