What does ANIÁN mean?

ANIÁN is the name of the fabled strait that was once thought to connect Europe to continental Asia for international trade.

How do you pronounce the company name?:

See video here:


Purchase Assistance:

Where can I use my gift card/store credit?

Gift cards and store credit can be used both online and in store.

How much does shipping cost?

Free shipping for purchases over $100 (North America). Under $100 purchases include a flat rate shipping fee of $10 (North America) or $25 (international). For more info see here:


Products and Services:

How do I wash my ANIÁN clothing?

Majority of our clothing must be cold water washed and hung to dry. Please consult the instructions on the inner tag. Added steps that can be taken to increase longevity of the garment are:
    •    Wash on gentle setting
    •    Use gentle detergent
    •    Make sure washer is set to 20C or below (some machines run cold at 30C)
    •    Wash on low water or with other garments to prevent over saturation
NOTE: Shrinkage will occur if clothing is exposed to heat during the washing process.

How do I get an item repaired?

For info on repairs see here:

Do you make custom items/fits?

Unfortunately we don’t offer this service. We recommend taking your purchased garment to your local tailor.

Why is 20% nylon included in the fabrics?

Recycled wool, especially post-consumer, has shorter fibres and needs to be blended with some other fibres to achieve durability and comparable quality. This is common with almost any recycled natural fibre so you will rarely see 100% recycled natural fibre content.

How do I rewax the Tin Cloth Hat?

Best option is to use a heat gun but if you don’t have one you may place in oven at a low temp.
    •    Heat oven to about 150
    •    Place hat in oven - check every 1-3 min.
    •    Once hat is warm to the touch apply wax than let cool.

Do you plan on expanding sizing?

As we grow we continue to expand our sizing. As of 2023 we are including Men’s 3XL and Women’s XXL sizes.

Do you do Alterations?

Alterations are the responsibility of the customer.


Returns & Exchanges:

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

A return shipping fee of $15 will be deducted from your return. To avoid this fee you may make the return in store. Exchanges are complementary.

When will my return request be approved?

Please allow up to 3 business days for your request to be processed.  The date that you applied will be considered in our 30 day window not the date that is approved).

When will my exchange be shipped?

Your exchange will be shipped after we have received and processed your return.  Please allow up to 3 business days for processing. 

Where is my return shipping label?

Please check your inbox, spam and promotions folder. If you can’t find it email and we can reply with the labels.

Can I exchange two different products?

Our current system only allows exchanges to be made for same item in a different size or colour.  If you would like a different item, please request a refund to store credit. You may then use the credit towards a new purchase.

Can I return my online purchase in store?

Yes. Make sure to have your order number handy when visiting the store.

How do I return/exchange a gift?

To make a return/exchange you will need the order number and email associated with the purchase. This can be found on the confirmation email/text and packing slip incorporated with the purchase.