Dress Responsibly

The idea for Anián sprung from the belief that: the clothes we enjoy in the natural world should not be harming it. With this in mind we've created timeless, lifetime clothing that you can live your life in, and feel good about. The environmental impact of our clothing is something we take seriously. For this reason, Anián begun the transition into using entirely recycled natural fibre textiles from landfills. For us, where the road for discard clothing ends, our textile sourcing begins. All this might make it sound like we're trying to change an industry—we are.

Matter Of Materials

From the beginning Anián has been about using natural fibres, manufacturing in Canada, and creating transparency. Most recently we’ve begun to focus on using predominately recycled natural fibres in an attempt to further chip away at the mountain of consumption the clothing industry is creating. We feel it’s time to repair the disconnect between consumers and their clothing and for our customers to know where their clothes are coming from. We hope for this to become the norm and that perhaps our example will lead to larger companies being held accountable for their choices and thus leading to positive changes within their own manufacturing.

Giving The Past A Future

The fashion industry has long been driven by throw away, fast fashion, with styles that come and go in the blink of an eye. We wanted to head in the other direction and create clothing that is timeless rather than trendy. It was a risk but it aligned with what we set out to do. Each item of Anián clothing is designed with simplicity in mind; built to withstand the elements but also keep you looking sharp. We design with the belief that owning one garment that will see you through multiple occasions makes more sense than owning ten you might wear once. Our aim is to fill your closet, not the landfills. Approximately 80-90 pounds of textiles are thrown away per person each year. By purchasing well-designed, well-constructed pieces of clothing you’re making a choice that has a globally positive impact.