Closing The Door On Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest, most frenzied shopping days of the year. Here’s why Anián will be closing its doors:


We prefer slow and steady. We’ve taken our time to create products that are built to last, essentially operating opposite to most fashion retailers. Our aim is to make a product that you buy once and live your life in. Anián has worked hard to become synonymous with quality and has chosen timeless over trendy in an industry that feeds on disposable fast fashion. 

We believe that good value and honest pricing should be on offer every day, not just a few times a year. Our prices reflect the efforts of a thoughtful, local and low impact brand. It’s no easy feat to stay afloat in the fashion game while keeping the welfare of the environment at the forefront of everything we do. Using recycled natural fibres from both local and ethical sources and working with highly-skilled, properly paid professionals are practices that are important to us. We take every measure we can to create a product that is kind to the planet—a product that when you’re done with it, will leave no footprint. Our prices reflect the cost of running a business that is more focused on making a positive impact than on their profits.  

We’d rather be outside! Much like the folks at REI, rather than subject our staff to the chaotic mess of consumerism that is synonymous with Black Friday, we encourage both our staff—and everyone—to say “no thanks” to Black Friday and instead, spend time outdoors. 

We’re okay with going against the grain to stand firmly in what we believe in. We don’t expect everyone to understand and nor is it our intention to point a finger at the individual. We too understand and feel the burn of the steady rise in the cost of living. Even so, we feel that it’s important—now more than ever—to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our decision to close our doors this Friday is simply in line with our values as well as an effort to combat the kind of thoughtless consumerism that happens on days like Black Friday.  

If you want change, create it.

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